Kurouma Shochu and Grilled Chicken: Experience the Taste of Miyazaki Prefecture!

Miyazaki's Specialty - Charcoal-grilled chicken

Grilled chicken is a favorite among locals and visitors in Miyazaki Prefecture.  Bite-sized chunks of crunchy grilled local chickens, which are seasoned with salt and pepper, then grilled at high heat by charcoal. However, there are restaurants that add Yuzu pepper to make it even more delicious. This dish is popular for its smoky flavor and aroma. The chicken cuts are grilled over charcoal until cooked into perfection, and the meat releases a smoky and enticing aroma that is sure to make anyone hungry! The luxurious firm texture of the meat makes it even more special.

If you want to enjoy this tasty chicken at the convenience of your home, we have just the right product!

Made with domestic chicken with rich flavor, it is seasoned with maker's original salt and pepper, garlic, and roasted onions, then grilled over a powerful flame. This is a tasty dish with aged flavor and yuzu pepper. No chemical seasonings, preservatives, or synthetic coloring! It comes in a convenient retorted packaged and is ideal as a snack or side dish!


Enjoy Grilled Chicken With Shochu from Miyzaki

To have an even better experience of Miyazaki's cusine, we recommend pairing the grilled chicken with shochu from a famous Miyazaki brewery.

Kagura Shuzo began making shochu in Miyazaki Prefecture's Takachiho Town, known as the birthplace of Japanese mythology, in 1954. Kagura Shuzo is well known in Japan for their premium shochu brand Kurouma, which is produced with high quality ingredients. Their shochu uses the purest water “Saito-Kiyomizu”, which is sourced from Kiyomizu area, Saito-city, and is optimal for making shochu. The brewing masters aim to make shochu with their five senses expanded, paying attention to the perceptions of aroma, touch, taste, sound etc. and face koji everyday.

Kurouma Shiromaru is authentic barley shochu is made from 100% domestic two-row barley. Low-temperature distillation brings out the flavor of the carefully selected domestic barley. It has a gorgeous aroma and a refreshing taste. The rich,  but gentle aroma and refreshing taste of barley shochu is a perfect match for the smoky flavor grilled chicken!


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