Kojika Shochu: Crafted in Partnership With Farmers, With Rice and Sweet Potatoes Straight From the Distillery’s Own Farm

Kojika Shuzo

Ōsumi Peninsula, where Kojika Shuzo resides is in the southeast region of Kagoshima prefecture. The northeast borders on Miyazaki prefecture, its west faces Kinko Bay and the southeast faces the Pacific. The Pacific coast region is designated as Nichinan Kaigan Quasi-National Park, including scenic site Cape Sata and is blessed with rich nature and the warm weather.

Mountain rain pours on the forest, then is absorbed into the earth and eventually becomes underground water, polished and refined with time. Fresh streams of underground water are constantly bubbling in Gyokusenji Park near Airasanryou, Gyokusen meaning “fountain of jewels” and ji meaning temple. Kagoshima shochu is specifically blessed with pure spring water drawn from a depth of 100 meters (328 feet), rich in minerals and infused with Kagoshima’s southern air.

Kojika shochu is carefully crafted in partnership with farmers, with rice and sweet potatoes straight from the distillery's own farm. It is made with carefully selected ingredients like groundwater from the foot of the surrounding laurel-forested mountains and sweet potatoes grown just in time for the distilling season.
Sweet potato shochu is produced from September to November, during which time you can tour the distillery while it is in action.

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Kojika Imo Shochu

The standard and most loved shochu in Kojika. Made with fresh, high quality sweet potatoes, the soft aroma and delicate sweetness is suited to enjoy daily with dinner.

It’s best to serve sweet potato shochu warm but oyuwari is less of a hassle. First, pour hot water in a glass. If making a 5 : 5 ratio oyuwari, cool the water temperature to between 80°C to 90°C (176°F to 194°F). Next, pour in Shochu Kojika.  You can use the same temperatures when making 6 : 4 or 7 : 3 ratio oyuwari.

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