Ki Bai Chu: A New Type of Shochu Distilled from Umeshu

Nakano BC Was the First to Distill Umeshu

Nakano BC is best known for their premium umeshu and their high quality sake brand "Chokyu". The company also produces supplements using extracts of plums, made using the same process as alcoholic beverages, and they are constantly working on the development of various other products.

In search of new product ideas, the brewery decided to try distilling umeshu, using their knowledge and years of experience in making ume products and utilizing their research department for distillation. Nakano BC was actually the first in the industry to distill umeshu.


Umeshu is a rather sweet drink that is easy to drink, but it has a characteristic that makes it difficult to take root.  They idea to distill umeshu was born when the brewery wanted to make umeshu more enjoyable for people who don't like sweet liquors. After much research on the distillation method, they succeeded in removing the sweetness while retaining the aroma. The result is umeshu that retains its gorgeous aroma but has a refreshing taste that can be enjoyed by all. As usual for all Nakano BC products,  distilled umeshu is made from 100% highest quality Nanko ume plums. Using a method of distilling under reduced pressure removes unfavorable taste and gives Ki Bai Chu a mild flavor of ume and the clear, uncluttered taste of distilled shochu.

Ki Bai Chu has already gained popularity among the Japanese drinkers for its unique taste. At first glance, people tend to think it is a sweet shochu liqueur judging by the aroma, but it is actually very refreshing and, and the gap between the two is really enjoyable. The lingering taste of umeshu is a bonus point!

This novel shochu-type spirit is definitely a must-dry for both shochu and umeshu drinkers, as well as those who are looking for something unique to try!

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