Katokichibei Born Ginsen Junmai Daiginjo 720ml

Katokichibei Shoten and Their Brand "Born"


Katokichibei Shoten, makers of the exclusive “Born” brand of sake produced in the small town of Sabae, nestled in the mountains of Fukui Prefecture, are well known throughout the industry for strict and meticulous quality control standards.


The brewery still maintains the traditional handmade sake brewing process that has remained unchanged since the brewery's founding. Today, Born uses only three things in its sake brewing process: rice, rice malt and water. No extra additives are added. 


All sake at the brewery is matured in the low minus temperature range. Ice maturing gives Born sake a wonderful, ripe, fruity aroma and a smooth, deep texture. The sake is carefully matured for at least one year, and in the longest cases for more than ten years.


Sake Made to Celebrate the Birth of a Princess


Born Ginsen Junmai Daiginjo was produced to commemorate the birth of Japan's Princess Aiko. The birth of Princess Aiko is naturally a national event, requiring major preparations from an early stage, as a dinner and other events are held to which important people from Japan and abroad are invited. 


Born sake has been used many times for state dinners for both foreign and domestic guests of honour, but it is also a luxury sake that is too expensive to be consumed on a daily basis. However, this junmai daiginjo is a 'special product', bottled at an affordable price and made from the best sake possible, so that the general public would be able to celebrate the birth of Princess Aiko as well.


Made from 50% polished Hyogo produced Yamada-Nishiki and matured for one year at 0°C. The taste is 'clean and basic', and the aroma is relatively mild. It is a refreshing dry sake with a slightly bitter taste reminiscent of grapefruit. This is a sake that won the Champion Sake (highest award and first in the world) at the 2010 IWC (International Wine Challenge). Enjoy this world-renowned top-class sake to your heart's content!

由50%山田锦精米酿制而成,在零下温度下成熟一年。口感“干净原味”,香气柔和。这是一种清爽的干清酒,略带葡萄柚的苦涩。这是在2010年IWC(国际葡萄酒挑战赛)上获得冠军 (最高等级,世界第一)的清酒。尽情享受这举世闻名的顶级清酒吧!

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