Toro Toro Imo Shochu: Elegant Flavour Shochu From a Small Brewery in Kagoshima

About Kamikawa Shuzo

Founded in 1963 along the Kaminokawa River in Onejime-cho, Kimotsuki-gun (now Kinko-cho), Kamikawa Shuzo was taken over from the founding family, the Yamanokuchi family, by the directors of the then Kojika Brewery Cooperative Association.


The Kamikawa Brewery's unchanging desire is to feel the blessings of nature and the warmth of the people of the Osumi region, and to continue to carefully produce gentle shochu one by one, with the smiles of the drinkers in mind. Being a small brewery, Kamikawa makes tasty sweet potato shochu using meticulous craft skills.



Elegant Flavour Shochu


Imo Shochu Toro Toro is made from fresh sweet potato (Kogane Sengan) produced in Osumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, and slowly brewed using black malted rice with delicious mineral-rich water from the shiny-leaved forests that are widely distributed in the Osumi area. It has an elegant sweetness that wafts over the palate, giving it a subtle natural flavour.

芋烧酒Toro Toro是由鹿儿岛县大隅出产的新鲜红薯(小根生薯)制成的,用黑色麦芽大米和来自大隅地区广泛分布的闪叶林富含矿物质的美味水慢慢酿造而成。它有一种优雅的甜味,飘过味蕾,给它一种微妙的自然味道。

It is naturally delicious on the rocks due to its mellow quality, but it is also recommended to drink it with hot water to increase its sweetness and flavour.


The word 'toro' means 'a place in a river where the water is deep and the flow is slow'. In a world where everything is so hectic, the name Toro was chosen with the thought: "Let's live a slower life. In this way, we can find true happiness".



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