June 2 Is Aperitif Day! Celebrate With Japanese Style Aperitif!

1st Thursday of June Is Aperitif Day


In Japan, the French Food Promotion Agency (SOPEXA) established this day to promote the custom of aperitifs, which are a relaxing way to enjoy a glass of wine or other drink before a meal.


The date was set in June, as it is twilight time and outdoor enjoyment increases. The date was set for the first Thursday of June, the beginning of the first weekend of the month. The anniversary was recognised and registered by the Japan Anniversary Association.


Aperitif is a French custom, with is both a drink and an event, a time for getting together and enjoying a chat and pre-dinner drink. Enjoying an aperitif with light snacks or appetizer while chatting - this is an essential moment for enjoying a rich lifestyle.


Japanese Style Aperitif


If you want to try Japanese style aperitif, you cannot go wrong with yuzu flavour! The attractive yuzu plays an indispensable supporting role in complementing Japanese dishes, and due to its refreshing properties is also a great ingredient in liqueurs and cocktails.


You's Time Light is a sensational super refreshing Yuzu citrus liquor made by 14 years running Gold Medal awarded premium sake brewery Saito Shuzo in Kyoto, Japan.

You’s Time Light是一款超级清爽的柚子利口酒,由拥有14年金奖的日本京都高级清酒酿造商斋藤酒造酿造。

 Using premium quality Yuzu fruits (Between Japanese mandarin & Lime) only grown in Japan infused in the award-winning premium ginjo grade sake with a secret golden ration, You's Time Light is sweet and tangy, low in alcohol, easy to drink sake based liquor can be enjoyed as aperitif, palette cleanser or dessert. Drink chilled or on ice.

使用只产自于日本优质的柚子(日本柑橘和酸橙结合物)加入大奖级吟酿的是这款利口酒的黄金配方。You's Time Ligh香甜扑鼻,低酒精,易入口,可作为餐前基础开胃酒,您可享受调点、冰镇或者直接加冰饮用哦!

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