July 3 Is Mandarin Day! Celebrate With Mikan Liqueur!

What Is Mandarin (Mikan) Day?


The first Sunday of each month is designated as "Mikan Day". Mikan is a typical winter fruit, but it has been eaten throughout the year since 1969, when greenhouse cultivation using hot spring heat began in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture, and the following year in Takamatsu City, Japan, where it was successfully heated using oil heating. According to the Fruit Promotion and Enlightenment Council, mandarins are medium-sized and the darker the orange colour of the skin as well as the stem end, the better the taste.


If you asked the average Japanese person what the most familiar fruit was to them, they would undoubtedly immediately think of the mikan. The unshu mikan’s small size makes it simple to peel and it has very few seeds, making it easy to eat. 


Celebrate With Mikan Liqueur


Miwaku fruit sake series are produced by Aichi based Maruishi Jozo, an award winning brewery with more than 330 years of sake brewing experience. The Miwaku Fruit sake series features fruit-flavored liqueurs made using jummai sake. Made using carefully selected fruit mainly from Aichi prefecture, they let you enjoy to the fullest all the amazing natural flavor and aroma of the fruit.


Miwaku no Mikan uses Gamagori mandarin from Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture. It is a mandarin amongst mandarins that combines high sugar content and good acidity. The secret to their delicious taste is the warm southern winds that blow over from the sea onto the mandarin orchards on the south-facing, fan-shaped land that is peculiar to Gamagori. Junmai sake and mikan oranges make for a captivating encounter that's fresh as well as sweet and sour. Enjoy it just as it is, chilled, with ice, with soda water, with milk, as a cocktail base, as a topping for ice cream or shaved ice...the list is endless!


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