July 2nd Is Tako (Octopus) Day in Japan! Try a Popular Combination of Takoyaki and Highball!

Popular Combination of Takoyaki and Highball

Tako (Octopus) Day was established by the Octopus Research Association. The date comes from the fact that many people in the Kansai region eat octopus during the "half-summer" period around July 2. There is a lot of rain during this time of year, so the octopus is eaten in the hope that the crops will stick to the earth like an octopus' sucker and take root firmly, as well as to build up strength and energy for the coming summer.

The most popular octopus food is without a doubt Takoyaki, ball-shaped flour dough filled with small chunks of octopus. Often topped with green onion, red pickled ginger, and the crunchy tenkasu, each ingredient brings out the umami flavor all condensed into one big mouthful piece of takoyaki. It is often found in festivals, sold in food stands, and eaten as snacks, hence its popularity as Japanese street food.

Highball, the soul drink of Japan, is a fusion of alcoholic base spirit and soda. Highballs are often made with Japanese whisky, but also shochu and sake. It may sound like a regular drink, but in Japan highball has become a part of the culture and is close to many people's heart. It has rapidly become popular because of the refreshing flavor that is easy to drink and goes well with food.

Takoyaki and highball are a great match, and there are even restaurants and bars in Japan dedicated to enjoying this great combination!


Kizakura Yuzu Highball

What could be better than celebrating Tako Day with this glorious match at the convenience of your home? Easily prepared takoyaki and refreshing yuzu highball are the right choice for this experience!

Kizakura Yuzu Highball is one of new series of Japanese RTD (ready to drink) sake cocktails. This highball is made from Yuzu infused in Kizakura semi dry sake and carbonated to give extra refreshment. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit which is tart and sour flavor, with a bit of bitterness and highly aromatic rind. This will go great with the sweet tasting takoyaki sauce!

This frozen ready-to-eat takoyaki, easily prepared just by warming up for a few minutes in the microwave. The chunks of octopus are quite big, so you can fully enjoy the chewy texture of the octopus!

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