July 28 Is National Hamburger Day!

What Is National Hamburger Day?


National Hamburger Day takes place twice a year, and there are other burger-related holidays throughout the year as well. Why more than one day for burgers? Is it because they are so good? Well, that may be part of it.


Another reason may be there are so many people who claim to have invented the burger. Some sources say that Louis Lassen did it, at Louis' Lunch in New Haven, Connecticut, on July 28, 1900. This is the reason why July 28 is one of the National Hamburger Days.


When it comes to celebrating Hamburger Day, what could be better than juicy hamburger and refreshing beer? The beer-and-burger is one of the most satisfying combos out there and is loved by pretty much everyone. When pairing beer with your hamburger, we recommend something that is clean, crisp, smooth and bubbly and inherently drinkable – not too hoppy, malty or bitter. Hon Kirin is the way to go!


The "New Genre" Beer Is the Most Popular in Japan


Honkirin is a non-malt beer which mimics the taste and feel of beer. It is of one of the “new genre” beers that by definition do not contain any malts or is happoshu (low-malt beer) with an additional spirit. You may think this is just fake beer if you are an avid beer drinker, but actually the so called "new genre" beer is the most popular of all “beers” in and currently outsells the whole beer market in Japan. So it might not be as bad as you think! Don’t knock it till you try it!


The uniqueness of the product comes from German Hersbruck hops, which are characterized by fresh smell and high-quality bitterness, and the long-term low temperature aging, which takes 1.5 times the time of the company's major new genre products and which reduces miscellaneous off-tastes and gives a richer taste. 


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