July 19th Is Yamanashi Peach Day! Celebrate with Juicy Peach Liqueur

Yamanashi Is the Largest Producer of Peaches in Japan

Since the kanji for "hundred" (百) hyaku" is read as "momo," which the same kanji reading of peach (桃), the 200th day of the year, which is a multiple of one hundred, was chosen as the anniversary. This is also the time of year when peaches are shipped. The purpose of this event is to promote the peaches of Yamanashi Prefecture, which boasts the largest production volume in Japan.

Yamanashi Prefecture has one of the smallest percentage of habitable land area in entire Japan , but is the Prefecture with the biggest grape, peach and plum production in the country, and also produces many cherries, nectarines and other fruits, being known as フルーツの王国, the Kingdom of Fruits.

Yamanashi is the largest producer of peaches in Japan, and accordingly offers the best flavors, too, with flesh so sweet and juicy that once you start, you can’t stop. Between July and the beginning of September, all attentions turn to the peach harvest. In Yamanashi, several kinds of peaches are raised, as the hakuhou, famous for its size and sweetness.


Goshin Momoshu - Juicy Peach Liqueur

Established in 1924 in Gojo City located at the foot of Mt. Kongo, Gojo Shuzo Brewery has been making sake only with the finest-quality local ingredients, including water from the surrounding mountains and the well on the premises, and rice grown in Nara Prefecture.  Their sake brand “Goshin” has long been patronized by local people, who call it Goshin-san. Recently, they have also started producing liqueurs, which are popular among women.

One of their best selling liqueur products is Goshin Momoshu. Made from Yamanashi white peaches, this peach wine is juicy, fresh, and sweet with a fine pulp texture. Enjoy it on the rocks, with soda, or with ice cream or dessert.

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