Juicy Gyoza and Beer Is the Perfect Combination!

Try Takeway Gyoza

Pan-fried gyoza is the most common way of cooking dumplings in Japan: the dumplings are fried on one side in a frying pan, then water mixed with a little cornstarch is added to the hot pan before being covered for a few minutes. While cooking, dumplings sometimes become attached to each other forming one unit. These are called hanetsuki gyoza, literally "winged gyoza". These gyoza are then served with the grilled side facing upwards.

Gyoza is one of the most popular foods in Japan. No one can resist the meaty, umami-filled flavor of grilled gyoza. Juicy and satisfying, these dumplings are an extremely popular accompaniment for beer, and often eaten together with ramen. Gyoza is available in most of Japanese or Asian restaurants for takeaway and delivery, so how about trying this juicy goodness?

The best drink to go well with fried gyoza is, of course beer! Beer is distinguished by its bittersweet taste and carbonation. This bitter sweetness fits well with the rich tasting gyoza. Gyoza is very juicy but also a little bit oily so beer will have a refreshing effect on the greasy feeling and carbonation will clean your mouth. The taste of the gyoza mellows out the bitterness of the beer, making it an excellent synergistic combination. Also, beer has a low alcohol degree, so it can be drunk swiftly.


Pair Gyoza with Refreshing Yuzu Lager

Speaking of refreshing beers, we are sure Hitachino Yuzu Lager would be the winner in this category! It is a fruity, citrus forward beer with a deep, bitter edge. The refreshing tartness of yuzu combined with the crispness of a lager is the perfect match for gyoza. On the palate you are greeted by a pleasant maltiness with an invigorating yuzu character. The beer finishes with a subtle hoppy bitterness with the citrusy character lingering throughout.

With its relatively low-alcohol content of 5.5%, Yuzu Lager can be drunk in larger gulps to let carbonation work its magic with its powerful ability to cool and refresh. We hope you enjoy this combination of juicy gyoza and refreshing Yuzu Lager!



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