April 19th is Rice Ball Day: Rice Balls and Japanese Wine Are a Great Match! Recipe Included

What Is the Appeal of Japanese Wine?


Japanese wine is defined as wine made from 100% domestically produced grapes. A decade ago, Japanese wine didn't get much attention, but recently its quality has improved and its fresh, fruity taste has made it very popular.


Japan is especially famous for Koshu wine, made from white wine grape variety that has been grown primarily in the Koshu Valley in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Koshu grape produces delicate flavors that pair well with the subtle nuances of Japanese cuisine. The combination of low alcohol and crisp acidity makes Koshu wine an obvious choice for subtly flavoured dishes. Onigiri (rice ball) is especially recommended, as it can be seasoned in a variety of ways.


Since Rice Ball Day in on 19 April, we recommend trying the combination of bite-sized onigiri and Koshu wine. They make a surprisingly good match!


◆Recipes for bite-sized rice balls to go with white Japanese wine!


Onigiri with edamame and pickled ume plum
1) In a bowl, mix the edamame, finely chopped pickled plums and salt.
2) Add into steamed rice, then shape into a round balls and you're done!


Onigiri with prosciutto ham and cheese
1) Shape the steamed rice mixture into round pieces that are easy to eat.
2) Place a piece of cheese on top of the ball and wrap the prosciutto ham around it.
3) Sprinkle with some basil and pepper and you're done!


Recommended Japanese Wine


Made using 100% Koshu grapes from Yamanashi Prefecture. Based on the characteristics of the grape variety, this Koshu wine is made with yeasts carefully selected to match Chamomori's winemaking. It has a good balance of aromas and flavours, with a moderate aftertaste that goes beyond the standard range.


Tasting notes: Fresh aromas reminiscent of lemon and new wine are well drawn out. The flavour is well balanced, with a good aftertaste that goes beyond the standard range.
Drinking temperature: 7-11°C

饮用温度:7 - 11°C


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