Introducing Kamakura Beer: Samurai Inspired IPA

About Kamakura Beer

The main characteristics of Kamakura Beer are its rich aroma, mellow taste and lingering aftertaste. Generally speaking, beer has a mild aroma and a smooth, refreshing taste.

Kamakura beer, on the other hand, is a beer with a rich sweetness and umami from the malt, a moderate bitterness from the hops, and the impression of the various aromas given to beer by the hops and yeast, all harmonised while making the most of their individual characteristics, so that you can enjoy a lingering aftertaste that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.

The beer is bottled with the yeast still alive and unfiltered, so that the beer can be enjoyed with its original freshness. Most of the brewing at Nagoshizaka Brewery is done by hand. That's why Kamakura can brew beer without compromise, with the idea of 'growing' beer every day. 

Samurai Series Beer

Samurai series beer is themed on Kamakura, the birthplace of samurai culture. The beer was created with hope that it will spark an interest in craft beer not only among craft beer lovers, but also history buffs and people of all ages.

The 'Samurai Feast' is the first canned beer from Kamakura Beer. This IPA is characterised by a grapefruit-like citrus hop aroma. The bitterness, which is a characteristic of IPA, is designed to have a clean, crisp bitterness so that it is easy to drink for people of all ages and even those who don't like beer.

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