Indulge in the Delights of Mango Day on July 15!

Celebrate Mango Day on July 15!


Mangoes, hailed as the most popular tropical fruit, have a fascinating origin that traces back to the region between northwestern Myanmar, Bangladesh, and northeastern India. While India remains the leading producer of mangoes, it may surprise some to learn that Japan also cultivates this delicious fruit, particularly in Okinawa Prefecture and Miyazaki Prefecture. These subtropical areas offer ideal conditions for growing mangoes of exceptional quality. Among them, mangoes from Miyazaki stand out for their exquisite sweetness and taste, boasting strict quality control measures to ensure a minimum sugar content of 15% and a weight no less than 350 grams.


In 2000, Okinawa Prefecture designated the 15th of July, the peak shipping season for mangoes, as 'Mango Day', and is conducting a sales promotion campaign to promote the appeal of Okinawan mangoes - 'ripe, fresh and tasty' - and to increase consumption.


Try Mango Liqueur for a Unique Celebration!


The versatility of mangoes knows no bounds. They can be enjoyed fresh, used in juices, smoothies, cakes, pickles, ice creams, and more. On this Mango Day, why not explore a new and exciting way to savor this delectable fruit? Enter fruit sake, an enticing option worth trying!


Produced by Maruishi Jozo, an Aichi-based brewery with over 330 years of sake brewing experience, the Miwaku fruit sake series comes highly recommended. Boasting an award-winning pedigree, these sakes are based on junmai-shu, guaranteeing a high-quality taste. With a low alcohol percentage of just 7%, Miwaku fruit sakes appeal to those who are not typically fond of alcoholic beverages and are also perfect for crafting delightful cocktails.


Miwaku no Mango, a particular standout in the series, is an ideal choice for individuals seeking the captivating flavor of tropical fruits in a cocktail form. Crafted using the esteemed alphonso mango, renowned for its exceptional sweetness, richness, and flavor, Miwaku no Mango is a treat for the senses. To elevate the experience, consider mixing it with your favorite juice. For instance, blend it with orange or mango juice to suit your taste preferences. For an even sweeter adventure, pair it with dried fruit.


On Mango Day, let your taste buds rejoice with the lusciousness of mangoes and indulge in the enchanting world of fruit sake.


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