Naturally Pink Nigori Sake - It's Not as Sweet as It Looks!

About Igarashi Sake Brewery


Established in 1897, Igarashi Sake Brewery is located in central Japan's Hanno-city, Saitama Prefecture. It was at first a small family owned brewery, but has grown considerably over the decades. The brewery brand 'Tenranzan' is named after a mountain, which literally means 'the emperor mountain' and is nearby the brewery. It has been called this name ever since the Meiji Emperor reached the summit, making it the first scenic spot designated by the prefecture.


The brewery stands at the confluence of the Naguri and Naruki rivers. The air is clear and clean, and clean, gentle underground water from Okuchichibu is pumped up from a well. Hanno's wonderful nature, with its greenery and clear streams, nurtures the light and crisp Tenranzan.


Igarashi Tenranzan Momoiro Nigori Sake


The pink bottle makes it look like a cute and sweet liqueur, but do not be deceived by it! It's a lot less sweet than the visuals suggest. When you put it in your mouth, it has just a slight sweetness, and the ultra-fine carbonation gives it a three-dimensional effect, while the aftertaste is refreshing.


This is a rare sake that is naturally pink due to pink yeast and is produced by only two companies in the prefecture, including the brewery. The yeast is so delicate that if even a small amount of a different yeast is mixed in, the pink colour will not stand out. The tools are specially designed for pink nigori sake and care is taken to prevent other yeasts from entering the brewery. With an alcohol content of 8 degrees, it is easy to drink for women and people who don't like sake.


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