Have You Ever Been to Okinawa Prefecture?

Have You Ever Been to Okinawa Prefecture?


Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture in Japan, consisting of over 100 inhabited and uninhabited islands. The name Okinawa means "rope in the open sea", a fairly apt description of this long stretch of islands between the four main islands of Japan and Taiwan. These subtropical islands are the country's top beach destination in summer.


If you have ever visited Okinawa you have probably enjoyed countless beaches known for their best features such as white sand, crystal clear water and coral reefs; walked around Shuri Castle or Shurijo Castle which is the most significant monument to present Ryukyu Kingdom which used to serve as a royal palace; and visited Churaumi Aquarium which considered as Japan’s best aquarium and has a massive fish tank holding 7,500,000 liters of water with whale sharks, manta rays and hundreds of other sea creatures swimming freely.


After enjoying these activities, you might have satiated your appetite with the delicious Okinawan cuisine dishes such as umibudo (literally "sea grapes"), a type of edible seaweed that only grows in the warm waters of Okinawa and look like tiny strings of grapes, hence the name; or Okinawan soba noodles, a dish containing wheat flour noodles cooked in a soup stock made of pork bones and bonito, accompanied with pork belly. And the drink to wash down the food was likely awamori, an alcoholic beverage indigenous and unique to Okinawa. It is made from long grain indica rice, and is not a direct product of brewing (like sake) but of distillation (similar to shochu).


If you would like to remember the taste of awamori, we recommend Ryukyu Classic Awamori!



Awamori - Traditional Okinawan Liquor


Ryukyu Classic is made by Shinzato Shuzo, which is said to be the oldest existing Okinawan distillery, inheriting traditional method and spirit from 170 years ago. Their brewing methods have been guarded by generations, and are believed to continue to inherit the historical and cultural values of the Okinawan craftsmanship monument.

琉球经典是由新里酒庄(Shinzato Shuzo)酿造的,据说这是冲绳现存最古老的酿酒厂,继承了170年前的传统制作方法和精神。它们的酿造方法传承了数代,成为了冲绳历史和文化的代表。

It is a soft, slightly sweet and easy to drink Awamori that is slightly different from the common image of a strong alcoholic tasting Awamori. The secret of its drinkability is a blend of atmospherically distilled aged liquor with a mellow, full-bodied flavor and decompression-distilled liquor that has a fruity aroma and a clean mouthfeel, resulting in a soft, slightly sweet taste. The gentle aroma and light flavor make it easy to pair with food, making it a perfect food sake.


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