Have You Ever Been to Aomori Prefecture?

Have You Ever Been to Aomori Prefecture?

Aomori is the northernmost prefecture on Japan's main island Honshu. Aomori draws visitors with its stunning natural environment, as well as hot springs, art, and delicious food.

If you have ever visited Aomori Prefecture you probably went to places such as Hirosaki castle, one of the finest places in the country for blossom viewing, enjoyed the expansive coastlines of Hachinohe, and you if you were lucky, you might have even taken part in the famous Nebuta festival in August! The festival features traditional music, fireworks displays, and a parade of floats illuminated from the inside by thousands of lights.


After visiting Aomori's attractions, you might have tried the local delicacies such as Kenoshiru (nourishing winter dish featuring diced vegetables, tofu, and fried bean curd in miso soup), Barayaki (grilled beef rib meat cooked on a hot plate), and of course the delicious Aomori's apples and the apple pie. After all of the sightseeing activities and the food tasting, a cup of refreshing Aomori sake is a must! If you would like to try the high quality sake from Aomori, you might already know that Momokawa Brewery makes one!

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Momokawa Brewery

Momokawa Sake brewery was established in 1889 and is famous for its excellent quality sake. Momokawa sake is brewed with the pure water of the Oirase River, also known to the local residents as the Momoishi River.  The brewery's expert team of certified first-class sake brewers is skilled in the techniques, traditions, and theory of the "Nanbu Toji," a proud and well known school of master brewers that originated in Iwate Prefecture. This team is devoted to producing a top-quality product that meets the high standards of the Nanbu Toji and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Momokawa's award-winning Nebuta brand sake derives its name from Japan's famous Nebuta Fire Festival. One of the well-known products of this brand is Momokawa Nebuta Tanrei Junmai, which has won the numerous awards such as U.S. National Sake Appraisal and Japan's Annual National Sake Contests. Made with the natural spring water from Oirase river combined with Aomori local grown sake rice Mutsuhomare, this dry junmai-shu is created to have a light, refreshing flavor and thirst-quenching taste. This sake can be served cold, at room temperature, or warmed.

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