December 30th Is Miso Day! Celebrate with Kinshachi Miso Lager!

Deceeber 30th Is Miso Day

Established in September 1982 by the National Federation of Miso Industry Cooperative Associations (Zen Ajikoren), which has its secretariat in Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, and collects and disseminates information related to miso.

The date is derived from the reading of "30th day" as "Misoka. 30th day is also written with kanji meaning "New Year's Eve" and read as "Misoka" or "Tsugomori. New Year's Eve is the last day of every month, and in this connection, December 31 is the last day of the year, and is called "Omisoka/Otsugomori".

At the time the anniversary was established, there was a trend toward westernized eating habits and eating out, and the anniversary was established with the aim of halting the accompanying decline in miso consumption.


Interesting Facts About Miso

miso_awaseMiso is a traditional Japanese seasoning, made by fermenting rice and/or barley with soybeans, salt and a fungus called Kojikin. The result is a thick paste used for soups, sauces and spreads, and pickling veggies or meats.

miso_awaseWhite Shiro Miso is the sweetest, it is yellow in colour and usually takes about a week to make. It is fermented soybeans with rice, salt and water. Tastes sweet with a salty aftertaste. Originally from Northern Japan where there are lots of rice fields.

miso_awaseRed Aka Miso usually takes up to one year to make. It is soybeans fermented with wheat or barley, salt and water. This creates a deeper red-brown colour and earthy salty taste with a sweet aftertaste.

miso_awaseBlack Hatcho miso is the rarest and the most premium miso. It takes a whopping 3 years to make where the soybeans are fermented with salt and water only. It is a thick, dense paste that tastes salty like soy sauce, but actually contains the least salt compared to the other misos.

Try a Lager Made With Miso!

This unique Japanese style Lager is brewed with akamiso (red soybean paste), a specialty of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Exotic and unorthodox, it has a beautiful bold palate with rich flavour and a sweet scent, created by combining the umami of red miso and malt. The velvety smooth finish and its miso flavour is well suited for this style of beer and is a must-try among beer advocates. And we have just the perfect snacks to go with this unique beer!

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