Dassai Shochu: Noble Spirit Only Available in Small Quantities

Famous Sake Brewery Ventures into Shochu


Dassai sake is produced at Asahi Shuzo, a small sake brewery deep in the mountains' in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, and was first sold in 1990.


Most sake is dry and has a strong impact on the palate, but Dassai is characterised by its gentle, fruity aroma and flavour. Dassai is therefore a breakthrough for sake and due to its drinkability, it has become very popular with those who do not normally enjoy sake.


The name "Dassai" is for many sake lovers synonymous with Japanese premium sake, but few know that there is also a Shochu in the Dassai series. This is a sake kasu shochu (or kasutori shochu), which is a shochu produced from the finest sakes lees obtained from the mash of Dassai sake.


What Is Special About Dassai Sochu?


Shochu is made from a variety of ingredients, including barley, rice and potatoes, and one type of shochu is made from sake kasu (sake lees). Dassai shochu is made exclusively from sake lees, which are drawn out from the mash of Dassai sake. It is therefore characterised by the fact that it retains the fruity and gentle feeling of the original sake.


The taste and aroma are characterised by the Dassai-like sensation of sake. It is fruity and easy to drink, and is recommended for people who do not like the gusty sensation of dry sake. The main difference is the alcohol content: while Dassai sake is around 16%, shochu is 39%.


Dassai Shochu is extremely rare on the Shochu market, since the raw material for this noble spirit is only available in small quantities. Because it is so difficult to obtain, it is also known as the 'phantom shochu'.


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