Bishu Ranman - Sake That Shows the Best Characteristics of Akita Sake

Bishu Ranman - Sake That Shows the Best Characteristics of Akita Sake

Made with high-quality rice and bountiful water—that’s Akita’s sake. To bring the mellow and profound flavor of this high-grade sake and share it with the nation, brewers, politicians, and investors gathered in 1922 (Taisho 11) and founded Akita Meijo, and thus the brand Bishu Ranman was born. Since their inception the brewery continued to pursue the brewing of great sake, with the aim of "quality first," using Akita style low-temperature, slow fermentation methods. Now, Bishu Ranman is endorsed by sake-drinkers, and has become well known sake brand nationwide.

Akita Meijo has two breweries, Ogachigura and Mitakegura. Ogachi brews sake by hand, inheriting the traditional techniques of many years ago. Mitakegura is a five-story sake brewery that reflects traditional techniques in its machinery and equipment, and uses computerized management to save labor and improve hygiene, which is rare for a sake brewery. Since its establishment, Bishu Ranman has consistently followed the philosophy of "sake quality first," and has been conscious of providing a stable supply of uniform sake quality through brewing methods that take advantage of the natural climate and characteristics of Yuzawa City in Akita Prefecture.


Hanaranman Komachi Daiginjo

Akita prefecture is very famous for their original rice Akita Komachi, but no matter how delicious it is, edible rice has small grains and is not suitable for making high quality sake. Therefore, Akita Prefecture has created the original rice called Akita Sake Komachi.  Developed in 1998, Akita Sake Komachi has rapidly become the prefecture’s most popular sake rice for premium sake. The amount of sugar produced in the Akita Sake Komachi mash (moromi) tends to be high, and the resulting sake is fragrant, elegantly sweet, and has a delicious, light aftertaste.

To experience the unique taste of Akita Sake Komachi, we recommend Hanaranman Komachi Daiginjo. After being fermented by Akita Koji (yeast) in a low temperature for over 5 weeks, this sake is aged for 12 months to become a smooth and rich daiginjo with a beautiful flowery fragrance. This is a high quality sake with elegant sweetness and a whole fruit basket of tasting descriptors.


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