Awarded plum wine 'The CHOYA Craft Fruit 720ml' available!

Newly introduced plum wine The CHOYA Craft Fruit 720ml

Choya Craft2021

The rich Nanko-ume liqueur(One year aged) is blended with the ripe Nanko-ume puree. The extra fruitiness with a luscious sweetness complement the long lingering
aging notes of this authentic Japanese liqueur.

It features a smooth mouthfeel of plum puree, moderate sweetness, and a refreshing aftertaste with acidity.

The CHOYA CRAFT FRUIT" won the world's best liqueur title "Best in Show liqueur" at the "SFWSC2021(The San Francisco World Spirits Competition)" for the first time in Asia.

Hope you will try our awarded plum wide The CHOYA CRAFT FRUIT!



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