April 23rd is German Beer Day! Celebrate With Echigo Koshihikari Beer

Why German Beer Day Is Celebrated on April 23rd


April 23rd 1516 was the day that the ‘Reinheitsgebot’, or Purity Law, was adopted across the entirety of the Duchy of Bavaria. 


The Bavarian order of 1516 was introduced in part to prevent price competition with bakers for wheat and rye. Specifying that beer could only contain water, barley and hops, was meant to ensure the availability of affordable bread, as wheat and rye were reserved for use by bakers.


Beer has always been a major part of German culture, and to this day German beer is brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot. Thus this is the day to celebrate a profoundly influential and rich brewing culture!



Celebrate With Echigo Koshihikari Lager


While Echigo Koshihikari is Japanese made beer it has deep ties with the traditional German beer brewing. Koshihikari rice might be the thing that makes this beer Japanese, but the production method is entirely German.


The founder of Echigo Beer was actually inspired by the the rich beer culture of Germany, and after spending some time in Germany, he later decided that he wanted to spread this culture from his hometown in Niigata to Japan, and this was the starting point of Echigo Beer.


Echigo Koshihikari Beer is a rice style lager with a pale golden color that comes out of the bottle, and a strong head that quickly fades. It has a slightly acidic tang to the regular lager flavour, but it is not too overpowering.


While the malt ingredient is imported from Europe, the rice is harvested literally from the backyard of Echigo Brewery. Though this beer is categorized as being dry, the brewery uses the time-consuming German decoction method to bring out the natural sweet flavor from the premium Koshihikari rice, which can appeal even to those who do not like dry beer.


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