21st June is Snack Day in Japan! Celebrate with Abashiri Beer

Origin of Snack Day

June 21, which is Snack Day, often falls on the summer solstice, the day when daylight hours are the longest in the year. In some areas, there is a custom to celebrate the summer solstice by eating a snack called "kakusho," which is similar to chimaki, or "hagatame," which is a New Year's rice cake eaten hard. This led to the establishment of Snack Day by the All Japan Confectionary Association.

What do you think of when you hear the word "snack"? For a lot of people, potato chips come to mind first. So let me tell you a little about the history of potato chips, one of the most popular snacks. Potato chips originated in New York City, USA. A customer eating at a hotel restaurant complained that the French fries were too thick. In response, they sliced the French fries extremely thin, which is said to be the beginning of potato chips. The first company to sell potato chips in Japan was Koikeya, which is also known for its Karamucho and Don Taco products.


Celebrate with Your Favorite Potato Chips and Abashiri Beer!

Hokkaido Abashiri Beer was founded in 1988. The company uses German traditional way of brewing called “decoction”, and it brings the beer deep taste and rich flavor.

We invite you to try their very special Golden Ale or White Ale with your favourite potato chips on this Snack Day!

ABASHIRI Golden Ale is characterized by its beautiful pale golden color and attractive aroma. The ingredients used include local Abashiri barley malt and several varieties of German malt, giving it a clean taste with the original malt flavor and a hint of sweetness. The hops used are a variety with a mild aroma and a refreshing bitterness reminiscent of citrus peel. The brewing process is the "step infusion" method widely used in the United States and the United Kingdom, the home of craft beer. The result is a simple, yet addictive taste.

Abashiri White Ale is a unique and luxurious white ale made from “Kita no Honami”, a wheat grown in Abashiri, which produces a luxury white ale like no other. Orange peel and coriander seed provide a citrus scent that harmonizes with the mellow flavor of the wheat. Because of the non-filtration process, this style is rich in vitamin B contained in the beer yeast, which is said to be good for beauty and health.



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