2020 Tokyo Olympics Wine available

Chanmoris Nihon Budoshu WHITE 720ml

Chanmoris Nihon Budoshu was planned as a "hospitality" wine for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and foreign visitors to Japan, and was released in January 2020.

Chanmoris Nihon Budoshu Shiro 720ml
Using grapes harvested by the traditional Japanese cultivation method of trellising, the wine is made into a unique and spectacular Japanese wine, with a label design using UKIYOE woodblock prints reminiscent of Japan's traditional climate.
Enjoy the hospitality of Chanmoris wine before it loses its lively flavor, that was specifically made for the foreign visitors of the Tokyo Olympics.

Tokyo olympic

Manufacturer: Chanmoris
Origin: Yamanashi
Alcohol: 11%


Hope you will all enjoy our memorial Wine!


Sakeonline Gold Coast Team

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