11th June Is Umeshu Day! Celebrate With Choya Umeshu Extra Years

11th June Is Umeshu Day


Choya has designated Nyubai day as Umeshu Day, as the harvest of green ume, the essential ingredient for umeshu, reaches its peak and Choya wants to encourage people to get through the summer in good spirits. (Recognised by the Japan Anniversary Association).


Nyubai is one of the zassetstu (seasonal days created to match Japanese seasons as opposed to 24 Solar terms which were imported from ancient China), and it falls on June 10 or 11 every year, the 135th day after Risshun (first day of spring in the traditional Japanese calendar), when the solar ecliptic longitude reaches 80 degrees.


In the old days, Nyubai was the beginning of the rainy season (nowadays, with the development of weather information, the start of the rainy season is announced separately), and it was a particularly important date for Japanese people in determining the time of rice planting. It is also the time when ume plums ripen and are ready for harvest.


Celebrate With Extra Umeshu


Umeshu day calls for a special umeshu with a little of something extra! And Choya Umeshu Extra Years is one of the best choices when it comes to special occasion umeshu.


It is made with the finest grade Nanko Ume fruit, harvested in the Wakayama region of Japan. The Ume fruit are handpicked especially for Choya and carefully washed and inspected before undertaking a maceration process which can extend up to two or three years to fully extract the acidic qualities of the fruit.

它是用产自日本和歌山地区的上等纪州南高梅(Nanko Ume)酿制而成。梅子是是专门为俏雅精心挑选的,并经过仔细的清洗和检查,然后进行两到三年长时间浸渍,以充分汲取了梅子上乘的酸性果香。

The result is an Umeshu that is well balanced, sweet and slightly viscous. The addition of whole plums gives this umeshu an extra fruity kick.


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