Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Omachi Namazake 720ml

Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Omachi Namazake 720ml

Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Omachi Namazake 720ml

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Alcohol Volume : 15.4%

Rice : Omachi 
Polish : 55%

SMV : +3
Acidity : 1.4
Yeast : Yeast Association 1601
Squeezing Method : Yabuta Method
Pasteurised : Not Pasteurised

Point : 
Food Pairing : Red meat sashimi, Fried food, Nimono 

Sake description :
Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Omachi Namazake is unfiltered and unrefined sake that uses Omachi rice polished up to 55%, and carefully selected koji which has the most influence on the taste of sake. Omachi rice is the oldest premium sake rice more than 150 years old with very limited annual harvest, and it is loved by sake fans for its rich flavour.
Serve chilled.

清京 純米吟醸 雄町生酒は、55%まで精米した雄町米と、酒の味に最も影響を与える厳選された麹を使用した無濾過生原酒です。雄町米は樹齢150年を超える最古の高級酒米で、年間収穫量が非常に限られており、その芳醇な味わいが日本酒ファンに愛されています。


From the Producer & Sake Ojisan



Omachi rice is the oldest variety of sake rice discovered in the late Edo period.
In particular, it is a sake rice with many fans because it brings out the "deep taste".
This sake is unfiltered raw sake that is made by polishing Omachi rice to 55% and carefully brewing "rice koji-zukuri", which most affects the taste of sake, with special effort and time.

Nakao Jozo
Hiroshima , JAPAN

Coming Soon

Sake Ojisan
Sydney, Australia

中尾酒造 | Nakao Jozo

Sake Spec's

Ingredients : - Rice (JAPAN)
- Malted rice (Japan Rice)

Rice : Omachi ( Hiroshima or Okayama)

Yeast : K1601

Rice Polishing Ratio : 55.0%

Alcohol Volume : 15.5%

Standard Drinks :

Squeezing method : Yabuta Method

Sake Meter Value : +3

Acidity : 1.4

Serving Temperature : 10-15℃

Recommended Pairing : Red sashimi, fried food, simmered food

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