KOURO Junmaishu SUZU 720ml

Sakeonline SKU: LIQ710
KOURO Junmaishu SUZU 720ml
KOURO Junmaishu SUZU 720ml

KOURO Junmaishu SUZU 720ml

Sakeonline SKU: LIQ710
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Alcohol Volume : 14%
Rice : Hananishiki, Kumamoto Rice, Shunyou
Polish : 65%

SMV : -4
Acidity : 1.7
Yeast : Kumamoto Yeast
Squeezing Method : Yabuta
Pasteurised : One time Pasteurised 

Point : Light and sweet in the midle, with a sharpness in the second half. A summertime meal drink
Food Pairing : Relatively bland salty/vinegar-based dishes

Sake description :
The birthplace of Kumamoto yeast (Association No. 9), which laid the foundation for modern Ginjo yeast 

From [Koru], summer limited Junmaishu - Reosake - now in stock!
Kumamoto yeast is now used by many breweries due to its elegant ginjo aroma and high fermentation power. Also known as Kyokai No. 9 yeast.
As expressed in "YK35" (Yamada Nishiki, Kumamoto yeast, 35%), which is said to be the royal road to sake brewing, it is widely distributed as a yeast that is indispensable for Ginjo sake.
This time, a limited edition summer sake has arrived from Koro, brewed by the Kumamoto Prefecture Sake Brewing Research Institute, the birthplace of Kumamoto yeast.
A refreshing and light summery taste.
It is easy to drink with an alcohol content of 14%, and has a gentle sweetness and flavor.
Its smooth and crisp flavor goes perfectly with light dishes.
Chilled to make a delicious meal drink♪
I thought the label would say "cool," but the 9 is hidden.