Kinshachi Akamiso Lager: Try This Unique Beer With Japanese Fish Snacks

Kinshachi Akamiso Lager

05 Feb 2021

This unique Japanese style Lager is brewed with akamiso (red soybean paste), a specialty of Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture. Exotic and unorthodox, it has a beautiful bold palate with rich flavour and a sweet scent, created by combining the umami of red miso and malt. The velvety smooth finish and its miso flavour is well suited for this style of beer and is a must-try among beer advocates. And we have just the perfect snacks to go with this unique beer!




Hagi Roll

Hagi Roll is  dried filefish (kawahagi). This item is basically a fish jerky. You can taste the rich and deep oceanic essence and flavor. Though a unique acquired taste, it is one of the most popular snacks (otsumami) for drinkers in Izakaya restaurants. Toast the surface, cut into small pieces and serve with Japanese mayonnaise!





Soft Pucchin

This snack is is made of surimi and baked in a delicious kamaboko (fishcake) style. The soft texture is addictive! It is cut into small easy-to-eat pieces and is a staple snack in Japanese homes that goes well with beer, or any other alcoholic beverage. Use toppings such as mayonnaise, shichimi, and soy sauce to make it even more flavorful!





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