Q) Are you using Cookie?

  • A) We use "Cookie" in some service to provide better service for visitors in our site. Cookie is kind of data sent to the PC of the visitor by a Web server. Cookie's used in our site for the purpose of securing the security and to provide appropriate information, so the data about the personal information aren't included at all. We can refuse Cookie by the setting of the browser of the visitor, however we validate setting of Cookie to use all service of our site comfortably.

Q) Are you using Javascript?

  • A) From convenience on having a visitor use our site in our site, I use a JavaScript on site production. As for many browsers, a JavaScript is set effectively from a beginning, but we validate the setting of the JavaScript of the browser to have you use the service of our site comfortably, and please use it when a JavaScript is set by invalidity.

Q) Is the communication coded in SSL?

  • A) We adopt the 128 bits SSL coding communication that is virtual global standards as needed to transmit and receive the personal information that a visitor was input into safely in our site. We use SSL based on the certificate which Japanese GeoTrust company publishes and try for the security of the exchanges of the information with the visitor on the Internet. * Internet, it isn't the thing which we guarantee security at the time of the communication 100%.

If there are any questions, please refer in telephone or E-mail.

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About Item

Q)How long is it for the storage period of the liquor?

  • A) It depends on the type of sake however generally if unopened, they last almost permanently unless they are High Fragrance sake such as Daiginjo or pure alcoholic product.In that case please store them in a cool and dark place.For further information please go to "How to store Sake" page.

Q) How do I store them after having opened out.

  • A) Keep them in a refrigerator with lid on. Please go to a "How to store Sake" for more help.

Q) How does taste last after having opened out?

  • A) A flavor lasts by the preservation with the refrigerator for approximately one or two weeks. But please have it immediately after having opened out.

Q) What is the right temperature when I drink Sake?

  • A) It all depends on what sake they are, some sake taste nicer chilled and some of them are nicer heated up, warm or even in room temperature. Generaly pure alcoholic drink or high fragrance sake such as Daiginjo is nicer to be chilled (8-12C) because they can lose the fragrance when heated up to high. 50c degree would be the highest temperature when you heat up sake. On each sake item page,we have displayed recommended temperature so that we hope you find it informative. However there is no right formula or rule about the temperature, please find your own favorite method.

Q) I think the taste is a little bit different from last time I tried even though I bought the same bottle.

  • A) Sake is brewed under the same process with same raw materials and same water. However, taste of sake is influenced so much by every year's natural conditions such as rice, water, yeast and even humidity. That's why quality and taste of sake is not always exactly the same every year even though Sake brewers have been studying and doing their best all the time. Sake is alive.

Q) What is the difference between Sake,Shochu and Awamori?

  • A) Please check About Sake page.

About Membership

Q) Don't know how to register.

  • A) Please go to "register" on top of the screen and register.

Q) Can not register.(Error occurs)

  • A) To complete a membership registration. Make sure to fill out all blank space. If it's not completed error pops up on the screen.

Q) Completed a membership registration but have not received confirmation E mail.

  • A) Please go to "My account details" of "My Page" and confirm that your registered mail address is correct. Fix the name if not correct and contact by phone or E mail. When you can not log in for not knowing mail address sorry for your inconvenience but please reregister.

Q) Can not login.

  • A) Please confirm whether E mail/Password which you input doesn't have a mistake.

Q) Forgot my password.

  • A) From the login screen is transmitted a message in the e-mail address where Email for password resets from link was input into. Please perform password reset processing from URL listed in there.

Q) To change the registered contents.

  • A) It's possible to change it from "My account detail'' of "my page".

Q) To change my password.

  • A) It's possible to change it from "My password" of "My page".

Q) I'd like to stop delivering a mail magazine.

  • A) You get a choice of the delivery / stop from "My account detail" of "My page".

Q) To withdraw the membership.

  • A) Sorry for your inconvenience but please contact by phone or E mail. If there are any questions, please refer in telephone or E-mail.

Other FAQ

Q) When is this shop open?

  • A) Except obstacle time, we open for 24 hours for 365 days for one year. A system stops for maintenance activities irregularly but, in that case, informs it beforehand in an Article page.

Q) About absence of goods.

  • A) There is the case that we can't send the article when the item is out of stock.In that case,we will refund your payment and contact you immediately.

If there are any questions, please refer in telephone or E-mail.

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