Yukinobousha Yamahai Junmai 720ml

Yukinobousha Yamahai Junmai 720ml

Yukinobousha Yamahai Junmai 720ml

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Alcohol Volume : 16%

Rice : Yamada Nishiki, Hitomebore
Polish : 65%

SMV : +1.8
Acidity : 1.8
Yeast : In house yeast
Squeezing Method : Yabuta Method
Pasteurised : Not Pasteurised

Point : 
Food Pairing : Big dishes as well as small, from grilled to raw.

Sake description :

This Junmai Sake crafted with traditional Yamahai style invites an succulent notes of cooked rice, cream, chestnuts, cocoa and mint tones.mellow, well balanced and low in acidity Yamahai that is solid and richly confident. There is a gentle sweetness of honey, sweet nuts, and milk chocolate that rides on a round body with a quick finish. Dig deep amongst the candy bar flavors and find a vein of mint hidden in the creaminess. A very well balanced and a supremely drinkable Yamahai style from Legendary Saiya Brewery. 

Yuki No Bosha Yamahai Junmai is the ultimate expression of Mr. Takahashi's mastery and the practice of "hands-off" natural fermentation. Instead of raising temperature of the moto, he keeps his moto temperature considerably low. "By raising the temperature", he says, " the sake becomes 'heavy' and the moto invites the foreign microbes (including wild yeast) which contribute to the gaminess and the funky flavor profile". By keeping the temperature to minimum, and letting the saccharification to occur more gradually and naturally, he makes yamahai sake that's "un-yamahai-like" yet in some way, is more "true" to how it should taste. "True Yamahai can be tasty and rich yet clean and mellow," said Mr. Saito, the president of Saiya Brewery, in a phone interview. He likes to enjoy this sake slightly warmed when he wants to get into a calm, mellow mood. 

明治35年、初代齋藤彌太郎氏が鳥海山を望む由利本荘市に創業した蔵元、齋彌酒造。「雪の茅舎 山廃純米」は、飲みあきしない酒質で適度な酸味があり燗にしてもおいしい純米のお酒です。

齋彌酒造 | Saiya Shuzou

Sake Spec's

Ingredients : Rice (JAPAN), Water

Rice : - Yamadanishiki (Hyogo)
- Akita sake Komachi (Akita)

Yeast : Saiya Shuzoten Yeast

Rice Polishing Ratio : 55.0%

Alcohol Volume : 16%

Standard Drinks : 9.1

Squeezing method : Yabuta Method

Sake Meter Value : +0.5

Acidity : 1.7

Serving Temperature : 5-10℃(冷)

Recommended Pairing : Sashimi, grilled fish, boiled fish, light dishes

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