Hatsumago Junmai Hiyaoroshi Momijiroman 720ml

Hatsumago Junmai Hiyaoroshi Momijiroman 720ml
Hatsumago Junmai Hiyaoroshi Momijiroman 720ml

Hatsumago Junmai Hiyaoroshi Momijiroman 720ml

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Alcohol Volume : 15.5%
Rice : Miyama Nishiki, Haenuki
Polish : 60%

SMV : +1
Acidity : 1.6
Yeast : In-hosue Yeast
Squeezing Method : Undisclosed
Pasteurised : 

Point : 
Food Pairing : Sukiyaki, Chikuzenni

Sake description :
Since our founding, we have devoted ourselves to kimoto-zukuri using old-fashioned traditional methods. Our brewery is surrounded by sand dunes and Japanese black pine forests, and is a representative brand of Tohoku Meijo. Our famous sake, Hatsumago, is brewed by blending the blessings of nature with the traditional craftsmanship of our craftsmen. This is a seasonal limited item, “Momiji Roman”, a pure rice chilled grated fermented with traditional raw moto.

Ingredients are rice produced in Yamagata prefecture, polished to 60%, well water from the sand dunes of Sakata, and the traditional technique of “Namamoto Shubo”, which takes time and effort while skillfully utilizing the workings of the natural world. Hiyaoroshi is an autumn sake that is carefully brewed and carefully aged in a cool brewery to bring out the umami. It is characterized by a mellow richness and firm acidity produced by traditional raw moto-zukuri, a deep, round and firm taste, and a sharp and beautiful aftertaste.

Please enjoy it with seasonal fatty ingredients in autumn. The optimum temperature range for drinking is 13 to 15 degrees. We recommend lukewarm sake with a temperature of about 42 degrees.