Japanese Sake
Founded 10 japan corporation in 2008, KURA ONE launched in 2022.
Seamlessly delivering a diverse array of high-quality Sake from every corner of Japan


We build KURA ONE with the aim to bring a diverse set of high quality Sake from all regions of Japan.

We wanted to make it easy for people to order their preferred Sake, to have it relatively fast at their disposal and to be affordable so it can be used more and more frequently.

A lifetime project in the works for over a decade, KURA ONE is made for people who seek the journey of discovery of Sake experiences which ultimately leads them and us to discoveries of oneself, Japan and all in between and around.

I want to personally thank everyone who supported us so far and you who are considering signing up now.

The Person behind KURA ONE

Katsunari Sawada, had a career in a UK based branding consultancy, founded 10 japan corporation in October 2008, which is now in its 14th year of operation.

At 10 japan corporation, we are trying our best to “deliver” in terms of “logistics,” such as distributing Japanese sake around the world in small quantities, and “communication,” such as using smartphone applications to communicate with markets that have not yet received the sake.

In this note, I would like to share with you why someone from the branding business was attracted to Japanese sake and decided to devote his life to this business.

    Sake Online (Daiwa Food Pty Ltd) is Australia's official importer and distributor of Kura One Sake.
    KURA ONE 21 can set Debut special edition
    Kura One
    KURA ONE -Australian Debut Set
    Kura One
    KURA ONE-Awarded Winning Set
    Kura One
    KURA ONE-Dry Sake Set
    Kura One
    The Choya Golden Ume Fruit Umeshu 日本梅子酒利口酒 650mL
    チョーヤ | Choya
    Umenoyado Aragoshi Yuzu Liqueur 720ml
    梅乃宿 | Umenoyado
    16% | 大分県
    中野智美人纯麦Premium 720ml
    中野酒造 | Nakano Shuzo
    16.0% |纯米吟醸
    雪之坊纯米银酒 720ml
    齋彌酒造 | Saiya Shuzou