x24 Ise Kadoya Neko Nihiki 330ml

x24 Ise Kadoya Neko Nihiki 330ml
x24 Ise Kadoya Neko Nihiki 330ml

x24 Ise Kadoya Neko Nihiki 330ml

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伊勢角屋|Ise Kadoya

Style :

International Bitterness Units :

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Sharpness :

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Standard drinks :

New England Style IPA

A balanced malt & hop blend, even connoisseurs will love it. Citrusy grapefruit scent. Rich & sweet taste, clean mouthfeel & gentle bitterness. Juicy aroma & taste from 4 kinds of hops. Cloudy hue, fruity/juicy like tropical juice, less bitterness. Hop added for intense aromatic notes, bitterness reduced for an incomparable flavour profile.

A perfect balance of malt and hops. It is a superb product that even beer connoisseurs will groan.

A gorgeous citrus scent reminiscent of fresh grapefruit juice spreads. It has just the right amount of richness and sweetness, and a clean mouth feel. The malt flavour is gently wrapped in a gentle bitterness, and you can enjoy the refreshing aftertaste.

Four kinds of hops used abundantly create a juicy aroma and flavor.

It is characterised by a cloudy appearance, a fruity and juicy aroma and flavour like tropical juice, and a soft taste with less bitterness. In order to make that fruity and juicy scent stand out, hops are added luxuriously at a completely different timing than ever before. Very particular about suppressing the bitterness, and successfully created a taste like no other.

A fruity beer created in collaboration with our original natural yeast.

A special IPA created in collaboration with Culmination brewing in Portland, USA. “Neko ni Hiki”, which is named after the “Brewery Cat” that has been kept for the mice that have been hunting for raw materials since ancient times in breweries, has been highly evaluated by many people for its friendliness and deliciousness.


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