x24 Ise Kadoya HIME White 330ml

x24 Ise Kadoya HIME White 330ml
x24 Ise Kadoya HIME White 330ml

x24 Ise Kadoya HIME White 330ml

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伊勢角屋|Ise Kadoya

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Standard drinks :

Witbier (Belgian Style Ale)

Aromas of coriander and yeast, a light wheat malt hue, a delicate light texture - all culminating in a refreshingly sour and mildly bitter flavor combination. Hime White is a name that captures the essence of Japanese balance and harmony. This white beer pairs well with wheat and spice-based dishes and is well-liked for its smooth aftertaste and subtle yuzu aroma, particularly among women.


A white beer accented with coriander spice, with a natural acidity and gentle mouthfeel.

The spicy aroma of coriander and yeast, the pale color of wheat malt, the gentle and light texture, and the freshness of the drink. The natural sourness and moderate bitterness of the natural yeast create a refreshing impression, and you can enjoy the refreshing finish with the faint scent of yuzu.

Original wild yeast is the secret of deliciousness.

Belgian traditional beer "Belgian White Ale" is brewed with Ise Kadoya's original wild yeast "KADOYA-1". White beer often uses orange peel as an auxiliary ingredient, but we use yuzu citrus because of its compatibility and balance with yeast. In addition, by reducing the ratio of wheat malt used compared to general white beer, it has a light taste and a refreshing aftertaste.

The refreshing accent of spices and yuzu make this beer easy to drink and has a light aftertaste.

Hime White is the name of Hime, which expresses the beauty of Japanese harmony. A Japanese white beer that goes well with dishes that use wheat or spices. The clean aftertaste and yuzu scent continue to be popular with women.

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