MEIRI SonoManma MELON Liqueur 720ml

MEIRI SonoManma MELON Liqueur 720ml
MEIRI SonoManma MELON Liqueur 720ml

MEIRI SonoManma MELON Liqueur 720ml

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Alcohol Volume : 7.0%

13% extract

"MEIRI SonoManma MELON Liqueur" is a luxurious and high-quality Japanese fruit liqueur that is made by directly packing high-quality melons into the bottle. As a fruit liqueur, it has a smooth and silky texture that is accompanied by a rich sweetness and a refined acidity on the aftertaste. It is easy to enjoy and loved by a wide range of age groups due to its familiar fruit-like flavor.

The melon liqueur has a transparent and clear color and provides a sweet aroma and freshness of the fruit upon opening the bottle. It is made using plenty of melon juice, which gives it a fruity and refreshing taste. It is recommended to drink it cold, although it can also be enjoyed at room temperature.

Apart from being enjoyed as it is, "MEIRI SonoManma MELON Liqueur" can also be used as a cocktail or mixer, making it an ideal ingredient for sake cocktails. For example, mixing it with soda or juice can give you a more fruity taste, while adding it to champagne or sparkling wine can give you a refreshing and elegant taste.

This Japanese liqueur is made using high-quality melons, which provide a luxurious taste. It is also elegantly bottled, making it an ideal gift item for different occasions, including parties and dinner parties. It is not only popular among those who love alcohol but also women and the elderly.

Furthermore, "MEIRI SonoManma MELON Liqueur" has excellent compatibility with food, and its melon flavor enhances the taste of the dishes. For example, when paired with champagne, it can serve as an appetizer and goes well with salads and seafood dishes, giving you a refreshing taste.

The taste of this Japanese fruit liqueur may vary depending on the type of melon used and the harvest season. MEIRI uses high-quality melon varieties, which provide a more luxurious taste, and experiencing the seasonal flavors can be enjoyable.

"MEIRI SonoManma MELON Liqueur" is not only popular in Japan but also overseas, where Japanese fruits are highly evaluated worldwide. It is known as a popular Japanese souvenir among foreign tourists and an attractive product for foreigners interested in Japanese food culture.

In summary, "MEIRI SonoManma MELON Liqueur" is an attractive and high-quality Japanese fruit liqueur that offers a luxurious taste by using high-quality melons. It is a perfect drink for various occasions and is loved by a wide range of age groups. Please try it at least once and experience the refreshing and fruity taste that is unique to Japan.


明利酒類 | Meiri Shurui

Sake Spec's

Ingredients : 13% extract

Alcohol Volume : 7.0%

Standard Drinks : 4.0

Serving Temperature :

Recommended Pairing :

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