Mino-yaki Kabuki Yunomi Tea Cup

Sakeonline SKU: KIT607
Mino-yaki Kabuki Yunomi Tea Cup

Mino-yaki Kabuki Yunomi Tea Cup

Sakeonline SKU: KIT607
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The Mino-yaki Kabuki Yunomi Tea Cup is a captivating piece of Japanese ceramics, renowned for its artistry and functionality. Originating from the historic Mino region, known for its centuries-old pottery traditions, this tea cup features vibrant and dynamic motifs inspired by Kabuki, Japan's classical theatrical art form. The cup's design often includes dramatic faces or elaborate costumes characteristic of Kabuki actors, painted with great precision and vivid colors. Crafted from high-quality clay, the Yunomi is a type of tea cup typically used for daily tea drinking in Japan, without a handle, encouraging the user to embrace the warmth of the tea. The Mino-yaki technique ensures that each piece is not only a utilitarian item but also a small work of art, celebrating Japan's rich cultural heritage and the meticulous skills of its artisans. This tea cup is perfect for those who appreciate the deep interconnectedness of functionality and aesthetic in traditional Japanese craft.