IWC 2022 シルバー ウィナー


The International Wine Challenge (IWC) is one of the world's most prestigious blind tasting boards, founded in 1984. The SAKE division has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2007, making it the largest and most influential event of the Sake Review Board outside Japan.
    カスミツル 山廃 純米 270ml
    香住鶴酒造 | Kasumitsuru Shuzo
    16.0% |純米大吟醸
    獺祭23 純米大吟醸 日本酒 300mL
    旭酒造 | Asahi Shuzo
    16.0% |純米大吟醸
    獺祭23 純米大吟醸 720ml
    旭酒造 | Asahi Shuzo
    獺祭23 純米大吟醸 1.8L |ピックアップのみ
    旭酒造 | Asahi Shuzo