Mutsu Hassen: A Journey Through Time, Tradition, and Taste

The Origins of Hachinohe Brewery


In the year 1740, Komai Shozaburo embarked on a journey from Omi Province, situated along the western bank of Lake Biwa in present-day Shiga Prefecture, to the land of Mutsu (Tohoku). His mission: to find the ideal location for crafting sake. Thus began the saga of Hachinohe Brewery, a legacy spanning generations.


The Legend of the Eight Immortals


Rooted in ancient China, the legend of the Eight Immortals, known as Hassen in Japanese, has endured through the ages. These mythical beings are celebrated for their earthly escapades, often revolving around the joyous consumption of wine and spirits. Drawing inspiration from this enchanting tale, Hachinohe Brewery named their sake brand “Mutsu Hassen,” signifying the Eight Drunken Immortals of Tohoku. The pursuit? A sake that captivates the palates of enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.


Mutsu Hassen: Aomori's Pride and Joy


Renowned as one of Aomori's premier sake breweries, Mutsu Hassen has garnered a devoted following nationwide. At the heart of their offerings is the Mutsu Hassen Tokubetsu Junmai, a product embodying the very essence of the brewery. Crafted from Aomori rice polished to 60%, this sake holds an irresistible charm, beckoning enthusiasts to keep it within arm's reach.


Mutsu Hassen Tokubetsu Junmai's Delicate Profile


Contrary to the expectation of a bold aroma and fruity notes, Mutsu Hassen Tokubetsu Junmai surprises with a delicate fragrance, inducing a sense of relaxation. Upon the first sip, a soft sweetness caresses the palate, accompanied by a pleasant umami. Gently emerging from the sweetness, the acidity weaves seamlessly, creating a harmonious symphony of flavors.


The Allure of Mutsu Hassen Tokubetsu Junmai


The light aftertaste of this sake is undeniably alluring, inviting enthusiasts to indulge in more. Highly approachable and versatile, it can be enjoyed at any temperature, making it the perfect companion for a myriad of occasions. Mutsu Hassen Tokubetsu Junmai encapsulates the brewery's unwavering dedication to crafting a sake that transcends expectations and delights the senses.