Yoshida Brewery and Gassan Sake

About Yoshida Brewery


The origin of Yoshida Shuzo Brewery dates back to the Edo period in 1743, when the Yoshida family started brewing sake for the lord of the Hirose Domain. This brewery is situated in the mountainous region of Yasugi in the Shimane prefecture and is home to Toda Castle built on Mount Gassan (now in ruins). The brand name means "between the mountain and the moon," honoring the mountain the family had to climb to reach the castle and offer its best sake to the noble clan lord.


Yoshida Shuzo Sake is made from sake rice grown by a contract farmer in nearby Nishihida, and ultra-sweet water, one of the sweetest in Japan, designated as one of the 100 best waters in Shimane, highly valued by successive lords of the Hirose domain for the traditional tea ceremony.


GASSAN Tokubetsu Junmai Izumo


Inspired by the traditional belief that the deity of the Izumo region bestows good fortune upon one’s relationships, GASSAN Tokubetsu Junmai Izumo was crafted with a delicate aroma and smooth taste. 


One of core products from Gassan, which is brewed by master craftsmen in winter season, using high-quality sake rice highly polished down to 60% of the original grain, then pasteurized only once just after filtration of the brewing mash. Pear-like fragrant aroma in glass. Smooth, medium dry and rounded yet sour, this sake goes well with wide range of different cuisines.


Since 2016, GASSAN Tokubetsu Junmai Izumo has won 4 consecutive Gold Medals at The Fine Sake Award Japan, including the Grand Gold. It was also awarded Silver at the International Wine Challenge in 2019.


Award tasting note: "Classic, modern blend of old and new styles. Steamed rice, pear, yellow apples. Rich in taste with some gentle umami leading to a dry finish." - Silver, International Wine Challenge




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