What Is a Drink That Represents the Unique Shirakawa-go?

Doburoku Festival in Shirakawago


Doburoku Festival in Shirakawago unfolds in a secluded mountainous region that remained isolated for an extended period, sustaining itself through the cultivation of mulberry trees and the rearing of silkworms. The distinctive Gassho-style houses, characterized by their steeply pitched thatched roofs, stand as singular examples in Japan.


Commencing from the end of September through mid-October, Shirakawago hosts the enchanting Doburoku Festival, where offerings are made to the mountain gods. The village comes alive with sacred processions at shrines, accompanied by lively lion dances and traditional folk singing and dancing that celebrate the rich history and traditions of the region. True to its name, the festival involves presenting doburoku, an unrefined sake with a pulpy texture, as offerings to the gods.

每年的9月底到10月中旬,白川乡会举办令人着迷的浊酒祭(doburroku Festival),向山神献上祭品。这个村庄充满了神圣的游行队伍,伴随着热闹的舞狮和传统的民间歌舞,庆祝当地丰富的历史和传统。正如它的名字一样,这个节日包括向神献上一种未过滤的糊状清酒(doburoku)。

From Festival Tradition to a Recognized Brand


The inception of the Shirakawago brand traces back to the request from the mayor of Shirakawa Village to the sixth brew master of Miwa Shuzo. The aim was to produce Doburoku similar to that served during the festival, making it accessible year-round. Initially facing challenges due to the lack of precedent for year-round doburoku production, persistent negotiations led to official recognition and permission from the national tax board. This move aimed to curb illegal production and distribution, bringing joy to Shirakawa Village, which subsequently authorized the trademark name of Shirakawago.


Shirakawago Junmai Nigori Sake


Embodying the spirit of the Doburoku Festival and the whole Shirakawa Village, Shirakawago Junmai Nigori Sake emerges as a standout beverage. Its name pays homage to the festival and its extravagant use of twice the normal amount of rice, resulting in a distinctive brewing process. The dense and cloudy nature of this sake, achieved by leaving the mash in the beverage, imparts a refined, nectar-like quality with a consistently enjoyable taste throughout the year.


Pairing and Serving Shirakawago Junmai Nigori Sake


Best enjoyed chilled at 10 degrees or on the rocks during the peak of summer, Shirakawago Junmai Nigori Sake offers a refreshing and light taste that complements hearty dishes such as grilled meat and chicken. Elevate your summer gatherings by experimenting with creative concoctions - mix equal parts lemonade or soda water with Shirakawago Junmai Nigori Sake to craft a delightful summer cocktail. 




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