Unveiling the Unique Flavors of Japanese Craft Gin for International Gin & Tonic Day

Celebrate International Gin & Tonic Day on October 19 with a twist—introducing the rising star in the world of spirits: Japanese craft gin. While Japanese whisky has been stealing the spotlight globally, the meticulous art of distillation has now extended its embrace to the creation of gin, delighting enthusiasts around the world.


What makes Japanese gin stand out? For starters, it inherits the legacy of long-established distilleries that have perfected the art of crafting premium rice and sweet potato shochu. These spirits form the base for a gin that boasts a gentle and soft mouthfeel, a testament to Japan's expertise in the realm of distillation.


But it's not just about experience; it's about ingredients too. Japanese gin takes advantage of a diverse palette of botanicals, creating a flavorful bouquet that includes internationally acclaimed favorites such as yuzu, green tea, and sansho pepper. These distinctive elements not only contribute to the recognizable gin flavor but also infuse it with a uniquely Japanese essence.


Among the recommended Japanese craft gins, "UMENOYADO GIN" stands out. Crafted from unique Japanese botanicals and Japanese sake brewed in the birthplace of Sake—Nara, this limited edition offering is a treat for international customers. The marriage of traditional crisp juniper flavor with the umami of sake and the citrusy aroma creates an original taste that embodies the essence of Japan.


Experience a refreshing aroma followed by a beautifully soft mouthfeel of sweetness and a pleasant bitter aftertaste. Whether enjoyed on the rocks with ice or mixed into a classic cocktail, UMENOYADO GIN promises a distinct Japanese twist to the classic Gin and Tonic celebration. Cheers to the art of Japanese craftsmanship in the world of spirits!




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