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About Ise Kadoya

Ise Kadoya Microbrewery traces its roots back to 1575, when it began as a humble café catering to pilgrims visiting the revered Ise Shrine during the Sengoku period. Originally renowned for its delectable Mochi-sweets, the establishment expanded its offerings to include Miso during the Taisho period. However, it wasn't until later that they ventured into the realm of beer brewing.

Despite its modest size, Ise Kadoya Microbrewery has garnered international recognition and harbors aspirations of attaining global acclaim. Embracing a commitment to authenticity, they prioritize the use of organic hops in their beer production, striving to craft genuine draft beer that remains unaltered by heat sterilization or filtration.

Experience Kadoya's Exceptional Beers

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Ise Kadoya Pale Ale

Shinto Beer, brewed in Ise in 1887 for just five years, was an English-style ale. When Isekado Beer started in 1997, they wanted to bring back this mysterious brew, leading to their flagship beer, the "Pale Ale."

After six years of work, the beer won a gold medal at the Australian International Beer Award (AIBA), aiming to be the world's best in five years. It also won gold in 2017 and 2019 at the International Brewing Awards (IBA), one of the oldest beer competitions since 1886, known as the Oscars of the beer world. President Suzuki holds this beer close to heart as both old and new breweries won gold awards.

Ise Kadoya Hime White

President Suzuki's passion for microorganisms led him to delve into yeast research around 2010. His goal: to find a natural yeast suitable for crafting beer in Ise, benefiting the local community. After much experimentation, he discovered a natural yeast imbued with a spicy, estery aroma.

To accentuate this unique yeast, a Belgian-style white ale was chosen as the foundation for HIME WHITE. Unlike traditional recipes using orange peel, HIME WHITE incorporates yuzu peel, offering a fresh twist. A hint of coriander adds to the spicy aroma, complementing the yuzu's zest.

Ise Kadoya Neko Nihiki

In 2016, Isekakunoya and Culmination Brewing Company joined forces, blending their original yeasts to craft this unique brew. Resulting in a New England IPA—a style known for its fruity aroma, soft mouthfeel, and low bitterness—NekoNihiki became a pioneer in introducing this style to Japan.

The packaging boasts two adorable cats, paying homage to the historical importance of brewery cats, who once safeguarded malt from rodents. This design also symbolizes the mutual fondness for cats shared by President Suzuki and the president of Culmination Brewing Company.



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