Umenoyado Unfold Sake: A Blossoming Symphony of Unique Flavors

Umenoyado Sake Brewery takes a bold leap with the introduction of its revolutionary 'Un Series.' Pronounced with a distinctive capital 'U' and a lowercase 'n,' the Un Series embodies the essence of uniqueness, pushing the boundaries of taste and experience.


A Journey Back to the Roots


Umenoyado Sake Brewery, renowned for its dedication to crafting exquisite Japanese sake, embarked on a journey to redefine the very core of its artistry. The Un Series, launched in April 2020, symbolizes a return to the roots—revisiting the traditional production methods and cherished ingredients while embracing an open-minded approach to elevate the sake experience.


Crafted Exclusively for Connoisseurs


The Un Series stands as a testament to Umenoyado's commitment to excellence. Distributed exclusively through a select number of Umenoyado dealers, this collection is a treasure trove for sake connoisseurs seeking an unparalleled and exclusive tasting experience.


Unfold Sake: A Blossoming Revelation

Among the gems of the Un Series is the Umenoyado Unfold Sake—an epitome of elegance and innovation. The name itself, Unfold SAKE, encapsulates the essence of the beverage—to blossom, to reveal. This sake expresses the soul of Umenoyado in a harmonious symphony of flavors.

在Un系列的瑰宝中,梅乃宿Unfold Sake是优雅和创新的缩影。这个名字本身,展现清酒,概括了饮料的本质-开花,揭示。这款清酒在和谐的风味交响曲中表达了味美雅堂的灵魂。

A Floral Delight for the Senses


As you delve into the Unfold Sake, you'll be greeted by a slightly fruity, elegant, and sweet aroma reminiscent of white peach and melon. Like the unfolding petals of a flower, the gorgeous aroma opens up to envelop your senses, creating a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary.


Clarity and Perfection in Every Sip


Umenoyado Unfold Sake is a masterpiece of clarity. With a crystal-clear appearance, it boasts a beautiful hint of aroma and a fresh sweetness that gracefully spreads on your palate. The absence of any cloying taste ensures a smooth journey from the first sip to the last drop, leaving your throat feeling refreshed and satisfied.

梅乃宿Unfold Sake是清酒的杰作。它外观晶莹剔透,拥有美丽的香气和清新的甜味,可优雅地蔓延在你的味蕾上。没有任何令人腻味的味道,确保从第一口到最后一滴的顺畅旅程,让你的喉咙感到清新和满足。

A Finale of Clean Pleasure


The Unfold Sake doesn't just deliver an exceptional taste; it leaves a lasting impression with a clean and pleasant aftertaste. The craftsmanship behind this sake is nothing short of extraordinary, resulting in a drink that is undeniably delicious.




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