Umenoyado Brewery: Transforming Sake Brewing and Expanding Horizons

About Umenoyado Brewery


Umenoyado, a 120-year-old brewery specializing in handcrafted sake, has a global vision of sharing the pleasures of sake while remaining steadfast in preserving its heritage and embracing innovative techniques.


Yoshida, the fourth-generation descendant of a sake brewery owner, deviated from tradition when she expressed her desire to join the family business. Traditionally, her brother would have inherited the brewery, but Yoshida's passion for sake led to her becoming the first woman in the country to assume the role of president at Umenoyado. She, as the eldest daughter of the fourth generation, took up the mantle of leadership in 2013. Her deep connection to both her birthplace and the brewery, which were in close proximity, forged a familial bond with the brewery's employees, nurturing her desire to be actively involved in the family business since her student days.


Umenoyado Shuzo President and Representative Director Yoshida KayoYoshida Kayo, President and Representative Director

Under Yoshida's leadership, the brewery has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming a hub of creativity and youthful energy. A significant portion of her workforce comprises individuals under the age of 35, with a notable representation of women among them.


When considering the future of the sake industry, Yoshida has a global perspective. With the domestic sake market in Japan experiencing a decline, she envisions a new frontier for sake producers in the form of exportation. To achieve this goal, Yoshida believes that sake should be customized to suit the preferences of each target market where it is being exported.


Umenoyado Lychee Liqueur: A Delightful Tropical Drink


Umenoyado Lychee Liqueur is exclusively available to international customers. It's a special blend of lychee and Umenoyado sake, created to give you a taste of something exotic. This drink has a lovely floral smell and the sweet, elegant flavor of lychee fruit. You can enjoy it over ice or in a chilled martini glass, and it's perfect for making all sorts of delicious cocktails.


This lychee liqueur has a wonderful floral scent and a gentle lychee sweetness that's great for those who love tropical flavors. The best part? You can get creative and make a wide variety of cocktails with it.


🍸 Try the "China White" Cocktail:

  • Umenoyado Lychee Liqueur: 1 part
  • Grapefruit Juice: 1 part

To make this tasty drink, grab a tall glass and pour in some Umenoyado Lychee Liqueur. Then, fill up the rest of the glass with grapefruit juice. To add a little extra flair, garnish your cocktail with a slice of fresh grapefruit.

🍸 试试“中国白”鸡尾酒:

  • 梅乃宿荔枝利口酒:1
  • 葡萄柚汁:1份




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