Tropical Pineapple Umeshu

Nakano BC's Commitment to Ume

Located in Wakayama, the "plum capital" of Japan, Nakano BC pickles fresh Nanko-ume plums on the same day they arrive. The main characteristics of Nanko-Ume are: large size, thin skin, small seeds, red color in spots that were exposed to the sun, thick and soft flesh, soft peach-like aroma, and very rich in citric acid.

In order to extract all the tasty parts of the plums, Nakano BC employs a unique method of staged preparation. As soon as the ume arrive at the brewery, they are sorted by hand, rinsed, soaked and pickled. About two months after pickling, the soaking liquid is added again for pickling. Umeshu is tasted repeatedly by the brewing master, who decides when to remove the fruit. About one year after pickling, the product is finally ready.

Tropical Umeshu

Wakayama is the place to go when it comes to ume plums. Wakayama is surrounded by the Kii Mountains and the sea, where plums are grown in full sun. Only the freshest Nanko-Ume is used to make Nakano BC Umeshu, which is then blended with pineapple juice with a rich sweet taste that grew in the sun of Okinawa Prefecture.

Kishu's Pineapple Umeshu is made from Okinawan pineapple juice. The rich, sweet aroma of pineapple, is wafted through the air, and the mouth is filled with the crisp acidity of umeshu, but the sweetness of pineapple, it creates a tropical taste of harmony between plums and pineapple. The aftertaste is also sour from the plums and is refreshing and never boring. We recommend drinking it crisp and cold on the rocks! 



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