Traditional Earthenware Brewed Shochu

About Ogatama Brewery

In the silence, the shochu quietly waits for its time to mature. The brewers watch over the shochu liquor with straightforward passion. Ogatama Brewery, located in Satsumasendai, Kagoshima Prefecture, is dedicated to making delicious and exciting shochu.

The brewery makes shochu using traditional methods by reviving 'good old' products as products of the present day. It aims to discover new things from the past, preserving the local culture and creating delicious shochu that suits each era.

Established in 1894, the brewery continues brewing shochu using century-old traditional methods, with earthenware pots buried in the ground and aged to achieve its mild, elegant flavour.

Tekkan Shochu

Tekkan is the flaghsip brand of the brewery. Only carefully selected satsuma sweet potatoes are used, and both the primary and secondary brewing are done in a traditional pot.

What are the ways in which earthenware pots can enhance the flavor of shochu? Extremely tiny holes cover the surface of these earthenware pots, allowing the pots to "breathe". So by introducing fresh air into the pot, the aging process for shochu can be accelerated. At the same time, the minerals in the clay dissolve into the shochu, giving it a unique flavor.

Enjoy the aroma, softness, and fullness of the drink. Tekkan Imo Shochu is the perfect representation of what Kagoshima imo shochu should taste like!



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