The Tradition of Moon Viewing and Sake

What Is the Relationship Between Tsukimi and Sake?


Tsukimi (月見)is an ancient Japanese tradition of autumn moon viewing. The word itself means what it is, “looking at the moon. The custom is thought to have originated with Japanese aristocrats during the Heian period; influenced by the Chinese custom of Mid-Autumn Festival, they would gather to recite poetry under the full moon.


The quality of the harvest impacted the livelihood of the whole community so celebrating the harvest was a very important tradition. To celebrate the harvest and thank the gods, farming communities usually had a festival on the night of the full moon after all the crops were brought in.


It is traditional to gather in a place where the Moon can be seen clearly, decorate the scene with Japanese pampas grass, and to serve white rice dumplings (known as Tsukimi dango), taro, edamame, chestnuts and other seasonal foods, plus sake as offerings to the Moon in order to pray for an abundant harvest.


So why don’t you organise a moon-viewing party with some poetry and a bottle of good sake? We have one special sake that is perfect for the occasion!


Kaganotsuki Gekko Junmai Daiginjo

加贺之月 月光纯米大吟酿

Kaganotsuki Gekko Junmai Daiginjo is the perfect sake for moon viewing as it embodies the beauty of the moon. In pursuit of an intangible artform, Kaetsu Brewery aimed to capture the soft radiance and white glow of the moon in a sake bottle. And they may just have succeeded. Gekko meaning “moonlight” evokes a mysterious, still and thoughtful imagery, that this Sake aims to encapsulate in one bottle.

加贺之月 月光纯米大吟酿是观赏月亮的完美清酒,因为它体现了月亮的美丽。为了追求一种无形的艺术形式,加越酒造成功的捕捉柔和洁白的月光,将其融合于瓶中清酒。Gekko意为“月光”,唤起了一种神秘、静止和深思的意象,这款清酒旨在将其浓缩在酒中。

Kaganotsuki Gekko won the "Highest Gold Award" in the Premium Kanzake category of the National Kanzake Contest 2016. Exquisitely harmonious natural rice flavor and savory ginjo incense, reminiscent of mysterious moonlight. It has a gentle aroma and a smooth and deep taste, and you can fully feel the umami of rice. Sipping on this sake under the moonlight would certainly make for a wonderful special moment!

加贺之月 月光纯米大吟酿获得2016年全国温酒大赛高级温酒类别“最高金奖”。精致和谐的天然米香和香浓的吟醸酒香,让人想起到神秘的月光。香气柔和,口感顺滑深沉,能充分感受到米的鲜甜。在月光下啜饮这种清酒一定会是一个美妙的特殊时刻!



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