The Resilient Journey of Akabu Brewery: A Testament to Perseverance and Innovation

About Akabu Brewery


Akabu Brewery, affectionately known as 'the brewery of resurgence,' is a remarkable sake producer with a poignant history. The devastating Great East Japan Earthquake of 11 March 2011 had left the brewery in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture, completely shattered and struggling to recover. However, under the determined leadership of President Hidemine Furudate, Akabu Brewery not only revived but also managed to create a sake that represents the essence of Japan.

赤武酒造被亲切地称为 “再生酒造” ,它是一家有着惨痛历史的杰出清酒生产商。2011年3月11日,这家位于岩手县大槌的酿酒厂遭到东日本大地震的毁灭性打击,几乎彻底崩溃。然而,在社长古馆秀峰的坚定领导下,赤武酒造不仅重建复兴了,而且还创造出了代表日本精髓的清酒。

Hamamusume - A Locally-rooted Sake


One of Akabu Brewery's prized creations was a locally-rooted sake named 'Hamamusume.' Loved by the community, the sake faced the risk of discontinuation due to the earthquake's aftermath. Fueled by his dedication to preserving this cherished tradition, President Furudate sought the help of a fellow brewery, securing the facilities needed to continue the production of Hamamusume. This act of resilience laid the foundation for Akabu Brewery's future.

赤武酒造最受欢迎的产品之一是一种名为 “浜娘” 的本地清酒。只在当地社区的流行的清酒,地震的原因,使得清酒酒造面临停产的风险。为了保护这个品牌使酒造经营下去,古馆社长寻求了一家酒造的帮助,保存“浜娘”所需的设施确保其可以继续生产下去。这种坚韧的行为为赤武酒造的未来奠定了基础。

The Rebirth of Akabu Brewery


With the support of the Earthquake Reconstruction Project, President Furudate realized his dream of rebuilding a new brewery in Morioka, though not in the same location as before. In 2013, Akabu Brewery's rebirth came to fruition, marking the birth of the Akabu brand. This momentous occasion was a testament to the unwavering spirit of the team, determined to overcome adversity and honor the legacy of their past.


Ryunosuke Furudate - The Youngest Master Brewer


In the summer of 2014, the brewery received a blessing in the form of Ryunosuke Furudate, the president's eldest son. At just 22 years old, Ryunosuke made history by becoming the youngest master brewer ever. His exceptional skills were honed through training at the Sake Brewery Research Institute, where he crafted a sake that impressed even the most discerning of palates. Motivated by the desire to create a sake with more impact, Ryunosuke accepted the role of toji (master brewer) at Akabu Brewery, embracing the challenge that lay ahead.

2014年夏天,这家酒造收到了社长的长子古馆龙之介的祝福。年仅22岁的龙之介创造了历史,成为有史以来最年轻的酿酒大师。他在日本清酒酿造研究所(Sake Brewery Research Institute)接受过培训,磨练了非凡的技艺。在那里,他酿造的清酒甚至让最挑剔的味蕾评酒师们印象深刻。为了创造出更有影响力的清酒,龙之介担任了赤武酒造托吉(酿酒大师),接受即将到来的挑战。

The Birth of Akabu Brand and its Evolution


Ryunosuke's initial creation, named "AKABU" after the brewery, received mixed reactions due to his age and lack of experience. Despite the skepticism, the sake's authentic taste and powerful character attracted an increasing number of retailers. Over the years, AKABU has grown into a prominent brand distributed nationwide, especially in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It has earned numerous awards and acclaim for its continuous improvement in quality, showcasing the indomitable spirit of the young team behind it.


Taste the Spirit of Triumph in the Form of Sake


The story of Akabu Brewery serves as an inspiration to us all. From the brink of devastation emerged a remarkable journey of resilience, determination, and innovation. President Hidemine Furudate's unwavering commitment to preserving the tradition of Hamamusume and the boundless passion of Ryunosuke Furudate as the youngest toji in history have propelled Akabu Brewery to become a symbol of hope and progress. With each bottle of AKABU, one can taste not only the essence of Japan but also the spirit of triumph that defines this exceptional brewery.




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