The Legacy of Kumamoto Shuzo Kenkyusho and the Elegance of KOURO Sake

About the Brewery

Kumamoto Shuzo Kenkyusho stands as a distinguished sake brewery originating from the city of Kumamoto. Notably, the brewery embodies two distinct personas: one as the developer of Yeast No. 9 and the other as the producer of the esteemed sake brand Kouro.

Origins of KOURO

Founded in 1909 within the vibrant cityscape of Kumamoto, Kumamoto Shuzo Kenkyusho emerged as a collaborative endeavor among sake brewers in the region. Their collective aim was to elevate the quality of sake production. Spearheaded by Chief Engineer Dr. Kinichi Nojiro, whose prowess in sake making earned him the moniker "a genius in sake making," the brewery embarked on a journey of innovation and refinement. Over the years, the implementation of novel techniques under Dr. Nojiro's guidance led to a continuous enhancement in sake quality, akin to the maturation process of fine wine. This relentless pursuit culminated in the creation of KOURO, a sake brand revered as a paragon of excellence within the sake elite.

Spotlight on KOURO Junmaishu SUZU

KOURO Junmaishu SUZU shines brightly among the diverse offerings from Kumamoto Shuzo Kenkyusho. This summer-limited Junmai sake embodies the essence of Kumamoto's rich brewing heritage, delicately crafted to offer a refreshing experience that complements leisurely dining occasions.

Crafted with care, KOURO Junmaishu SUZU utilizes locally sourced 'Shunyo' and 'Kakin' rice varieties, along with Kumamoto yeast. The result is a sake that gently awakens the senses with its subtle aroma, seamlessly harmonizing with a variety of culinary delights. Its meticulously balanced flavor profile, enhanced by a single pasteurization process, delivers a subtle sweetness and a crisp, smooth finish.

Best enjoyed chilled, this exquisite sake serves as a perfect companion to lightly seasoned dishes such as salted tempura, salads, and vinegared delicacies. With every sip, KOURO Junmaishu SUZU elevates dining experiences to a realm of refined elegance, inviting connoisseurs to indulge in the artistry of Kumamoto's sake craftsmanship.



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