The Evolution of Sparkling Umeshu: From Japan's First Canned Umeshu Soda to The Premium The CHOYA Series! ON SALE NOW!

Introducing THE CHOYA Sparling Umeshu

In 1988, a pioneering spirit led to the birth of "Sparkling Umeshu," marking the debut of the first canned umeshu soda. It has become a beloved classic, cherished by many. Now, after three decades of captivating taste buds, CHOYA embarks on a new chapter of refinement and excellence, introducing the premium series: The CHOYA.

Crafted from the Finest: 100% Kishu Nanko Ume

While its predecessor boasted 100% domestically produced ume, The CHOYA Sparkling Umeshu elevates the experience by exclusively utilizing the renowned Kishu Nanko ume variety. Each 250ml can encapsulates the essence of 35g of these exquisite ume, ensuring a profound aroma and flavor profile that epitomizes perfection.

A Departure from Conventional Umeshu Soda

Setting itself apart from the ubiquitous umeshu soda flavor of chu-hai, The CHOYA Sparkling Umeshu takes a purist approach. Devoid of unnecessary additives like acidity regulators, flavorings, or colorings, only the purest ingredients — ume, sugars, and alcoholic beverages — are employed in the infusion process. Meticulously aged through CHOYA's proprietary "Still Aging" technique for approximately one year, the result is a premium sparkling umeshu that exudes the authentic essence of umeshu.

A Symphony of Premium Flavors

With a transition to 100% Kishu Nanko umeshu and redesigned packaging reflecting its premium status, The CHOYA Sparkling Umeshu offers a sensory journey unlike any other. By harnessing the essence of ume without artificial enhancers, each sip unveils a refreshing complexity and depth of flavor that epitomizes authentic umeshu soda at its finest.



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